Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why Do Indian Pee In Public?

Dear Readers,

Yesterday was a cloudy & cold Saturday evening in Bangalore, We all were sitting at CCD on MG road and enjoying our cups of cappuccino. Well, suddenly one of our friends, who belongs to an European country, (though she has spent quite some time in India now, but still new to Indian mentality) fired a question -

Why do Indian always prefer to pee on road???

The question was asked to all, but unluckily, she was looking at me while asking. So I was suppose to answer. Hmm.......‘What a irritating question’, I thought for a moment... Then just replied, “well, Only men prefer”. Statistically, I was correct, you can’t claim that the whole India urinate on road, if only 52.78% (Male population) do this offense.

 The whole group busted in to laughter and started giving their understanding or rather excuse to pee on road.

Even the answer of mine was too casual, but the question was sincerely need a ponder. I recalled the ad, which use to broadcast some time ago, “Aadmi per tarah tarah ke pressure hote hai... Karna Padta hai... aap per pressure hoga, to kya rook loge... karna padega... The ad was quite a humor and caught public attention too, but India didn’t stop to pee on road.

Even, Bangalore administration has declared Ra. 200 – Rs.500 Fine or 3 months jail for this public offense, but still you can feel the pee stink in any part of the city. The Infosys Foundation has come ahead and opened 200 public toilets in the city, I happened to visit one of them in front of Bangalore Central, on MG road itself. It was like visiting hell........ Seriously........

Now, coming to point, why do Indian prefer to pee on road.
  1. Less Public Facilities – India’s population has crossed 1.17 billion, a study says more than 80 % doesn’t have access to clean toilets in public, you pick any city of India, you won’t find an appropriate number of public toilets.
  2. Ill-managed Facility – If you find a few public toilets on railways station or on Bus stop or in any mall, they will not be well managed, but they never forget to ask Rs. 1 as a charge for peeing.
  3. An Indian Heritage of Passing Human Waste in Open – Just recall any of your train journey in India, in wee morning hours, you can easily find people passing human waste along with railway line. Did you ever think, why people do that? A big family, may be of 8-10 members, living in small house with single toilet, or may be no toilet, and what will happen, if 3-4 members feel nature’s call on same time. No more options, 1-2 members of the family has to go out. So, Male members of the family, will take the charge and will go out.
  4. Unawareness of Public Health – I bet, not more than 40 % of Indian population is aware of this word “Public Health”, They do not know, they are increasing risk for others as well as for themselves. Sanitation is still a unheard word for general India.
  5. No Social Responsibility – No one is bothered here, if some one dies of a disease, which occurred because of their irresponsibility.
 Now, what we can do to make our fellow Indians understand the requirement of public health:-
  • No city administrative body like BMP should be responsible for public health, they have so many thing to do, better let them pay attention on that. Each city should have a separate body, which should be responsible to create public facility and maintaining them.
  • At two public facility has to be available within one KM of distance, number of toilets has to appropriate according to the public traffic in the area.
  • Number of care takers has to more and they should be paid well, after all they will spend the whole day in a place like hell, even they are human.
  • In general, we have to provide appropriate space for their home, specifically in the slum areas of India.
  • Lets strictly implement the Laws for public offense, better to keep police free from this responsibility and create a new Force Against Public Offense, which will be responsible for public offense. 
  • Let the general Indian understand that they are not providing any fertilizer, if they are passing water in public. 
It’s not like, I never did this offense, Certainly, I have done, may be in my childhood out of my innocence or unawareness. But now, I strictly follow this norm of public etiquette, lets we all stop doing this offense, lets not give any chance to any of our visitor to ask a question, which is hard to reply.


Anchal said...

Interesting topic !!!!

I promise, I'll not do thay next time....

isha said...

u jus saved my head.... i am a social work student and i was breaking my head workin on my assignment.. guess wat? to create a new law or policy. i titled mine as PREVENTION OF PUBLIC DEFECATE AND URINATE ACT 2011.tank u so much ur article was everythin wat i wanted!!!!!!!!!!!

Mayank said...

your welcome Isha...

Its really mood lifting to know that people read my blog. :P

Thanks for visiting my blog.